Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Perth

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Perth

In-Chair Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is the newest addition to the Perth Tan Lash Beauty specialist Services Menu.

Our Introductory Whitening Packages are available in Silver, Gold & Platinum and you can expect to improve your smile by 5 shades or more after your very first session. For more information visit our dedicated Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Perth wide page or see below for Professional Teeth Whitening Prices.

1 x Whitening Session
Basic Intro
2 x Whitening Session2 x Whitening Session
Natural Exotic
Peroxide-Free Formula
Natural Exotic
18% Carbamide Peroxide
18% Carbamide Peroxide
6% Hydrogen Peroxide
✅ Good for Ultra-Sensitive
✅ Minor Stains or Discolouration
✅ Touch-Up or Maintenance
✅ Good Starter
✅ 5-8 Shades Whiter
✅ Back-to-Back Sessions
✅ Previous Whiteners
✅ Double Dental Grade Formulas
✅ Instantly Visible Improvement
30 Mins1 Hour1 Hour

Tan Lash & Beauty in North Perth and City West are equipped with Dental-grade equipment premium whitening formulas which are ACCC-approved and vegan and cruelty-free.

*NB: Teeth Whitening Services are not currently available in Cannington.

afterpay teeth whitening perth

All Teeth Whitening Packages are eligible for payment with Afterpay.

For more detailed information on Perth’s Professional Teeth Whitening visit our dedicated page or see the inbuilt calendar below for online bookings for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening services only.

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