Perth Tan Lash & Beauty Services

Tanning Menu

Naked Tan
Spray Tan: $30/each

Aviva Tan
Spray Tan: $35 each

Tuscan Tan
Spray Tan: $40/each


GLAM Base Menu

Please visit page for further information.  For GLAM enquiries call 0422 193 880.

Professional Make Up

Full Face: $80

Eyes & Lips Only: $40

Strip Lashes Supply & Apply: $20

Hair Styling

Up to Chin Length: $40

Up to Shoulder Length: $50

Beyond Shoulder Length: $60

Total GLAM

Full face Makeup, Hair Styling, Strip lashes: $120

Lashes Menu

Please visit our full Tan Lash & Beauty Eyelash Extension webpage for full details.

Eyelash Extensions Base Menu

Starter Set: $80

An introduction to lash extensions. Classic lashes with part coverage close to a half set. (30 mins)

Classic Full Set: $109

A full set of classic eyelash extensions with 0.15mm extension applied to every suitable natural lash at 1:1 ratio. (60 mins)

Hybrid Full Set: $139

A full set consisting of a half-half mix of the above classic extensions and the below volume extensions. (80 mins)

3D Russian Volume Set: $169

A full set of Russian Volume Lashes with 3+ micro 0.07mm extensions applied to every natural lash at a minimum of 3:1 ratio. (100 mins)

Refills start from $50. Visit webpage for further details.

Lash Lifting & Tinting

Click here for further information

Lash Lift including free Lash Tint: $99

Lash Tint: $15

Brow Tint: $15