afterpay spray tans perth

Afterpay Spray Tans Perth

By popular demand, Tan Lash & Beauty launched with Afterpay in April 2019 and made all services or packages totalling $100 or more in our North Perth or City West Perth locations eligible.

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a budgeting tool which allows you to book and enjoy our services now but pay for them later with four easy instalments. There is nothing extra to pay as long as you pay on time and you don’t need to apply for a new card or go through a lengthy approval process.

How can I Afterpay Spray Tans?

To meet our $100 minimum for Afterpay – take advantage of the discounts offered by our 5 or 10 Tan Passes. Get double the benefits by receiving the Tan Pass discount now but Pay for it Later. The Afterpay installments for our Passes start from as little as $33.75 x 4.

Spray Tan Passes | 10 Spray Tans @ 15% Off | 5 Spray Tans @ 10% Off 

10 Tan Passes Give You 15% Off  | Spray Tans from $25.50
  • 10 Tan Naked Tan Pass | 15% off = $25.5/tan ($255 | 4 x $63.75 Afterpay instalments)
  • 10 Tan Aviva  Tan Pass | 15% off = $29/tan  ($290 | 4 x $72.5 Afterpay instalments)
  • 10 Tan Tuscan Tan Pass | 15% off =$34/tan ($340 | 4 X $85 Afterpay instalments)
5 Tan Passes Give You 10% Off  
  • 5 Tan Naked Tan Pass | 10% off = $27/tan ($135 | 4 x $33.75 Afterpay instalments)
  • 5 Tan Aviva  Tan Pass | 10% off = $31.5/tan  ($157.50 | 4 x $39 Afterpay instalments)
  • 5 Tan Tuscan Tan Pass | 10% off =$36/tan ($180 | 4 X $45 Afterpay instalments)

So What Do I Need to Do Now?

1.  If you haven’t already, Sign Up To Afterpay! Download the Afterpay app to your phone on either ios or Google Play.

2. Select & generate the “Barcode” tab –  this tells you how much you have available to spend with Afterpay retailers. Make sure you have enough funds to cover the Pass or service combination you plan to use AP for (remember the minimum of $100)

3. You cannot use Afterpay to purchase a Tan Pass online – we need to process this in store.  Proceed to Book Online as normal for the First Service of either your Tan Pass or selection of services.

ie If you intend to purchase a 10 Tan Pass – Tuscan Tan , proceed to book your first Tuscan Tan spray tan appointment online as you would a regular appointment. 

5.When given the option to enter comments – note you intend to make payment using Afterpay/Purchase a Tan Pass.

6. If prompted for payment simply select ‘Pay Later’ rather than ‘Pay Now’ if you will be paying with Afterpay

6. Your booking is confirmed! Attend at the scheduled time and we will take care of the rest.

Can I Afterpay Lashes or Hair & Make-Up?

Absolutely. All services ( or a combination of services ) totalling $100 or more are eligible for Afterpay. Head over to our dedicated Perth Lashes Afterpay site for details on how you can Lash Now, Pay Later. *Cannington not included.