Frequently Asked Questions


Which spray tan should I choose?

Everyone has a personal favourite. There are hundreds of spray tan solutions on the market and we have narrowed it down to three which we are confident produce consistently good results. We can discuss this with you at your appointment so if you are unsure select to book for any type of spray tan or select “Undecided solution” and decide later.

When is the best time for me to get a spray tan before my event?

We recommend allowing 24 hours for an important event such as your wedding. Although results will be observed earlier than this especially with express tans, the active ingredient can be affected for up to 24 hours and could still be developing after your initial shower.

For an event on Friday evening, Thursday evening or earlier is recommended for the tan. 

For an event during the day on Saturday , Thursday evening is recommended for the tan.

For an event in the evening on Saturday, Friday evening or earlier is recommended for the tan.

For an event on Sunday, Saturday is recommended for the tan.

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

Please watch our brief video below.

In summary;

1. Do any required Hair Removal 8 hours+ before your appointment whether this be the morning or the night before. This gives your pores a chance to close and avoid irritation.

2. Exfoliate prior to your appointment, ideally a minimum of 3 hours but as early as the night before is fine.

3. If possible Shower to remove deoderant and makeup just prior to your appointment.

But I’m coming straight from work?

These are guidelines for best results only. We have lots of clients who attend appointments straight from work and cannot shower or who may attend last minute and not have a chance to hair remove and exfoliate. We can work around it.

Will I turn orange?

We have carefully selected our solutions after trialling almost all on the market and almost never have this happen to our clients.

If a high level of DHA, the active ingredient, is used on a skin tone which is too fair this can produce an orange result. This occurs if too dark a shade is selected. We will discuss this prior to your appointment to ensure the right brand and level is selected.

How long after my appointment can I shower?

Some of our express tans can be washed off in a little as one hour. Others need to be left a minimum of 8, or overnight. It depends on the tan you select.

How long will my spray tan last?

It will last around a week but look its best in the first few days. It will be fading in the final few days.

Can I get a spray tan if I am pregnant?

Unfortunately we are not qualified to give medical advice and so you must discuss this with your doctor.

Having said this over the years lots of clients have made the decision to go ahead without any issue. We do our best to ensure client health and safety by using advanced floor to ceiling extraction equipment to reduce overspray.